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Dear readers,

The buildings you create surely have good architectural designs, an interesting arrangement and care for well-being of the future users,

  • are they, however, as useful on a day-to-day basis when everything changes rapidly, or on special occasions?
  • do they have low maintenance costs and provide safety of the owners and inhabitants?
  • do the interiors look as attractive after dark?

If you are not sure – please consider the following:

  • The inhabitants are happy with their house. It appeals to them, and they feel good living in it. They invite friends over gladly, before every visit they try to prepare everything as appropriate. They lay the table, arrange the armchairs, turn on some of the lights, adjust their strength, trying to create the right atmosphere. It takes some time, and the final effect may not always be completely satisfying – some times there is too little light, and sometimes the light is not exactly where it should be…
  • The owner of a club or a restaurant had taken an unusual order to prepare an exquisite banquet. He knows, which dishes the cook should prepare, how to arrange the tables. He does not, however, know, what lighting will be suitable for the guests’ mood, or, he cannot arrange it differently, because the interior had never been used in such a way.
  • Office employees have comfortable working conditions. The furniture is well picked, as is the lighting, temperature control and air conditioning. However, after they’ve left, sometimes the lights are left on, the heating works all the time, at night, and during weekends. Energy is being wasted…

    All the situations mentioned above stem from the drawbacks of existing solutions and equipment controlling the lighting, heating, air conditioning and so on. If the solutions we offer you seem interesting – we will be happy to meet with you, consult, advise you on the best solutions and show, how the appliances installed in our own office work.

    Here you can sign up for a free newsletter, a free training course, and add your data to the database of architects that cooperate with us.

    Here you will find advice on designing the lighting. (now only in Polish).

    Here you will find examples of control consoles (switches), remote controls and sensors of the KNX system (911 kB)

    Here you will find all the graphical symbols for AutoCAD used when designing the electrics in the KNX system (95 kB).

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