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The SMARTech Group includes tens companies. They provide complex services nationwide. The head office of the Group is situated in a new office building in downtown Warsaw. The building, as well as our office, is of course intelligent. We have installed much office automation equipment there. We invite You to become familiar with them, how they function in practice, so that that the choice of a perfect solution for you would be easier.

The address of the SMARTech Group Head office:
Skwer Kardynała Wyszyńskiego 5/54
01-015 Warszawa
Poland tel. +48 (22) 436 00 26, fax +48 (22) 436 00 46

By filling out the form below You can send us your questions or opinions. We will answer any queries personally or transfer them to our representative in your area. We invite You also to sign our Guestbook.

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