Temperature control

Use of the SMARTech System helps to optimally utilise the heating installation, which greatly increases the savings. The energy costs remain low, and at the same time the energy is distributed in such a way that the house feels comfortable. Intelligent control allows every room to have a different temperature (one usually requires different conditions in the living room, bedroom or childrens’ room), regardless of the weather conditions (two rooms used for similar purposes, situated in different parts of the house require different amounts of heat at different times of the day – this is not easy to achieve using conventional methods).

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Temperature control is achieved using aesthetic thermostats (they can be integrated into the control consoles), electric heating controllers or knobs on the radiators, control units at the air conditioners and the central unit, as well as temperature sensors inside and outside the building. This increases comfort and savings on energy. To assure you that these are not just empty advertising slogans, we have placed here an authentic energy bill, showing a 50% reduction in energy use!



  • Individual temperature adjustment for each room allows for comfort and contributes to the family’s health.
  • When the inhabitants leave the house, the temperature drops by a few degrees, so that energy is saved (1 degree Celsius means 6% of energy is saved).
  • Automatic temperature reduction at night as well as in empty rooms also saves energy.
  • The house is automatically ventilated before the inhabitants arrive.
  • The air conditioning is switched on only when somebody is home, so as not to waste energy.
  • We can also control the air heating. Air heated by the fireplace is distributed throughout the entire house when needed.


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