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the cabling you usually install nowadays generally serves as energy supply for traditional appliances. They work independently and separately from each other. This does not always meet the growing demands of contemporary users. They ask more and more often about ways to control many appliances together from different parts of a given building. Quickly developing technology offers new uses and solutions. Modern systems allow for appliance integration. This increases the safety and comfort of use, as well as reduces energy consumption. Possibilities such as this are offered by cabling laid according to one of the world’s leading automation systems. That is why we are offering cooperation to companies, who would like to expand their offer with installation of modern intelligent systems. We offer you cooperation in terms of client acquisition to increase your profits.

To technicians at SMARTech we offer:
  • courses for electricians, designers and programmers
  • the possibility of laying installation commissioned by SMARTech
  • rebates on appliances, services and courses
  • advertisements on the websites:,,
  • technical and marketing support
  • effective support with system implementation
  • active Group media presence
  • marketing tools and materials to help with investor relations
  • information to place in your advertising materials
  • an offer calculator allowing the customer to assess by himself the cost of the system he is planning directly via your website.
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    The technicians are offered, for starters, a set of marketing materials, which helps during talks with potential new customers. Additional information and marketing material is provided as needed, as well as support during more difficult negotiations. Technicians who have gained customers are helped with system implementation, so that the next time they will already be able to set it up themselves. The most active companies in their regions receive queries from potential customers, which we get tens of monthly, via the unique offer calculator available on our website. The amount of questions sent to a company is proportional to the number of contracts made by this company.

    SMARTech technicians are offered the following cooperation model:
    1. The company discusses the situation with potential customers, in order to adjust the system to suit their needs. We provide information and marketing material.
    2. SMARTech designs the system according to the offer and the customer’s needs.
    3. The technicians install the system themselves or via a third party.
    4. SMARTech programs the appliances and configures the system.
    5. The technician installs the appliances and elements, and provides service.
    * with each step we provide advice and technical support.

    Thanks to this model, the most difficult steps (design, system programming) are handled by SMARTech or its Partners. The authorised technicians lay the cabling and install the appliances, also generating profits from sale interest.

    If you find the solutions we offer interesting, please

    contact us

    . You can register for our newsletter, for a course, or add your data to the list of external companies cooperating with us.

    You will find a document about how to profit from offering KNX systems here.

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