The SMARTech system allows for integration of important security measures. Not only the alarm system, but also smoke detectors, humidity sensors and other equipment may be integrated with the home electrics. Signals sent by them, input into the system, will allow the house to be protected from damage and to reduce the effects of random accidents. Integration with the security system makes possible, among other things, automatic turning on of the light in case the alarm sensor detects an intruder, and automatic notification of the police or security. In our projects, we also use the typical abilities of alarm systems (signal feed from central control with data on sensor state). This solution reduces costs and allows for better security.

When the owners are resting far away from home, the house becomes a place of interest for the thief. Presence simulation greatly reduces the risk of an unpleasant surprise after they are back. An appropriate module 'records’ the inhabitants’ activities during the period before the holidays (lamp, blind, music usage, and so on), and 'plays it back’. The effect is most convincing, because it resembles actual daily activities, which vary from day to day. One can choose, which elements are to be part of it, so there is no energy wasted i. e. for the coffee percolator.

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You can sleep calmly in a house with an intelligent installation.

An automatic door lock with access control recognises each passing person. After the key had been turned, signals can be sent to other appliances, in order to i. e. shut off the lights, lower the blinds or the temperature… Key loss does not mean we have to change the lock, all one has to do is remove access approval for that particular key. The lock cannot be operated remotely, however one can remotely allow for access with a specific key. One can also use a completely automatic door with a remote lock (or a lock opened using a key card).

Cameras located in essential points of the building and outside it can transmit the picture to any TV set (should the inhabitants be disturbed). It is also possible to record the picture after a camera detects movement.

An additional security advantage is the fact that the switches work with safe low voltage (29V) or use infrared/radio communication. This also limits electromagnetic radiation – the current is fed directly to lamps and outlets.

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