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Could you send me more information and helpful materials so I could use them when writing my paper?
Daily we receive a few letters that include this question… We, however, cannot send out materials to each person individually. That is why the sites and are full of articles. If you have found them interesting, and you would like to include the information found in them to your non-commercial work – we agree to it. In exchange we would like you to:

  • include the source of information as per terms of copyright laws (
  • send us a copy of the complete, finished work along with the permission to non-commercially use (parts of) it in our work.

    Practical student training
    SMARTech provides around the year a free student training program for students of technical universities. The duration time is four weeks, and can be extended should you wish it so. The students have the opportunity to get to know modern building automation system solutions and gain valuable experience in this new field.

    The general rule is work and experience exchange. That is why more or less half of the time is spent with the typical tasks dealt with by our engineers, and the rest is support work for us (like i. e. mounting cupboards or help for the sales representatives) or the customers (i. e. ETS project design and equipment programming).

    The agenda for the training includes (as permitted by current projects of the company) each and every step leading up to a complete home automation system, in particular:

  • system and switchgear design
  • assembly and installation of the switchgear with the KNX equipment
  • KNX system design using ETS-Software
  • KNX equipment programming
  • system initialisation in both private and corporate buildings

    Additionally, training not directly linked to current projects is possible, however we have to point out that we do not design new equipment or software every day.

    Our expectations are modest:

  • a student of a technical university
  • basic knowledge and experience with electrical switchgear design and installation
  • basic knowledge of the MS Office suite (Word, Excel) and possibly AutoCAD
  • a non-smoker

    Should the above appeal to you and you would be interested in taking part in the programme – please send us your CV and an accompanying letter.

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