Why should I choose SMARTech?

In our work and all information we provide, we try to be as honest and objective as possible. Therefore, we honestly inform, that on this page we will present subjectively (but still honestly) our achievements, which we are immodestly proud of.

We offer solutions adapted to the needs of particular customers.
SMARTech does not just offer equipment. We offer solutions to the problems and expectations of our customers. This makes a serious difference – we can offer particular devices only after a design had been prepared and the customer’s needs had been discussed. We are not affiliated with any single manufacturer, so we can reliably suggest the best solutions.

We are pioneers

  • We exist since 1998 – are the longest operating polish company specialising in Intelligent Home Systems.
  • In 1998, we introduced the X-10 system on the polish market.
  • We created the first KNX system in Poland that could be controlled via the Internet (STOEN building in Warsaw).
  • We created the first Intelligent Yacht in Poland (the ocean-going Catamaran, length 27m).
  • As the first, we explored the real costs of KNX Systems, quoted later by the press and other parties.

    We are leaders

  • We have a broad knowledge of the product ranges of several dozens of manufacturers (and not only the few that are present on the polish market).
  • We have the biggest experience – over 70 implemented systems for the Intelligent Home and Building.
  • SMARTech is the sole author of the chapter on Intelligent Buildings of the Handbook released by the FORUM publishing house, and the exclusive sponsor of the book about KNX systems released by the SEP publishing house.
  • Our activities aimed at promoting knowledge about Intelligent Buildings resulted in radio (Polish Radio Programme III) and TV (channels TVN, TVN24 and TVP1) coverage, as well as articles in many magazines..
  • As the only company dealing with home automation, we have been invited to join the polish Business Centre Club (BCC)
  • Our system, installed in an existing apartment, resulted in energy savings of 48%.

    We are partners

  • SMARTech is the first and so far only company to form a Group of local Installers, in order to ensure quick and reliable installation and servicing in all parts of Poland.
  • We form a Group of Partners dealing in fields relative to home automation (audio-visual equipment, alarm systems, heating systems, heat pumps, pools, etc.), which enables us to provide our clients with full and complex services.
  • SMARTech cooperates with polish technical universities (in Warszawa, dz, Gliwice, Bydgoszcz, Koszalin, Wrocaw and so on), supporting them with our experience and giving the best students a chance to take training or find work at our company.
  • We provide a series of training courses and presentations about KNX for technicians, designers, architects, students, and everyone interested.
  • The solutions created by our Research & Development department are also implemented in systems already in operation at our customers’ homes or buildings.

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