Blind and shutter control

The SMARTech intelligent system allows much more efficient use of roller blind, jalousie, window, garage door and gate control. Central and remote control, as well as the possibility of pre-programming the system, provide comfort and safety.

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When everyone has left the house, external blinds close, curtains in the rooms go up to avoid excessive dust collection, temperature is reduced, the ventilation goes to minimum power. The user will be notified with an alarm signal if the system detects a window or a blind is not or cannot be closed.


  • Roller blinds are shut if sunlight should heat a certain room too much.
  • Roller blinds are raised, if using sunlight instead of artificial light can save energy.
  • If the wind is strong, the external blinds will be drawn in to protect them from damage.
  • Sensors monitor windows, doors, gates, garage doors, and detect any malfunctions and errors. When needed they will inform the user via the Internet or phone.
  • Opening the gate will cause the light in the driveway to switch on.
  • At dusk, the blinds and windows close to protect the inhabitants from eavesdroppers.
  • Unique, electrical curtain rails allow for automatic control of typical curtains.
  • A key-chain remote control for the car keys can control the car alarm system, as well as the garage door and gate. It can also control the driveway and garage lights, as well as switch on the alarm (we recommend to switch off the alarm by hand via control code input).
  • We offer a variety of equipment for the windows – curtain rails, vertical and horizontal blinds and jalousies, external and internal blinds, and many more.

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