Lightning control

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the house. Nowadays, we spend the most time at home in the evenings. Therefore, lighting that suits the atmosphere and situation is a very important source of our satisfaction. If there is more than one entrance to a room and/or many light sources, conventional electrics can become very complicated. In case of intelligent control this is not a problem. We can efficiently create a unique atmosphere at any time and in every situation.

In some rooms additional lamp dimmers are worth considering. Such rooms are: the living room (e. g. for intimate lighting), the corridor between the bedroom and bathroom (so that in the night the light will not disturb the ones sleeping), the bedroom and the childrens’ room (some do not like to go to sleep in the dark).

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In large or representative rooms it is worth it to program a few light scenes for different occasions. One needs different lighting for a romantic dinner, different when friends come over, and still different while reading or watching TV. A light scene consists of several lamps, each of them set to work with selected intensity. It is thus possible to change the atmosphere of a room i. e. from romantic to general with the push of a single button. Some lamps are switched off, others are switched on, all at the touch of one button. Roller blinds, the heating and other devices may also play a role ? this can ease the atmosphere control.

In the garden, where lamps are installed, one can also create a few appropriate light scenes for different situations. Control is easy via a remote device that can be carried in a pocket ? this way one does not have to go inside the house every time he wants to change the lighting.


  • In the evening, when a child is afraid to go from the living room to his or her room upstairs (or from their room to the kitchen downstairs), it could simply touch one button to light the way (the corridor, stairs, the room) for i. e. 10 minutes.
  • In case of fire, all lights are switched on to aid evacuation.
  • When the inhabitants are absent, the lights can automatically switch on and off, simulating their presence.
  • The light scenes (sets of several lamps switched on at the same time with various, pre-programmed power levels) allow to easily modify the atmosphere in a room, adjusting it to e. g. a family dinner, reading, a visit of friends.
  • Automatic lights on the driveway and in the garage.
  • Lights that automatically switch on after dark and switch off in the night.
  • Presence-dependent automatic lighting.
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