Economical aspects

What are the savings generated by an SMARTech system?

One of the most important criteria one considers when investing money is, apart from functionality, the profitability. Investors usually care only about the building budget, forgetting any future working costs. In the case of an Intelligent Home System, it is worth it to integrate the lighting control with the heating control. This requires only small additional costs.

Operating costs of a conventional and an intelligent installation.
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Conventional installation . . Intelligent installation

Savings from lighting control
In office buildings, savings generated by intelligent lighting control can amount to 50-65%, and the cost of the respective control devices is refunded within 3-4 years. In houses and apartments the lighting, apart from its usual functions, is also used for decorative purposes ? while 30-50m2 of office area requires one group of lamps (usually used together), a house or flat of a similar area may have from one up to several light circuits. These factors are so individual that one calculation of savings would be unreliable; but one can be sure that there will be savings.

Savings from heating control
Using heating only when necessary. Thanks to independent temperature control in every room, one can save large quantities of energy (over 30%). Some rooms are used occasionally, so one can keep a lower temperature in them, most rooms are used only for a few hours a day (after work and during the weekends). So, in a conventional installation, energy losses arise from unnecessary heating of rooms.

Calculations below were done for three different-sized rooms: a bedroom, a study and a open space (e. g. the living room connected with the hall, kitchen and dining room). First, energy consumption and heating costs for every room were calculated. The cost of KNX devices necessary to control the heating was also considered. Below are the amortisation times:





Open space

Zapotrzebowanie roczne na energię w kW 5516 6058 15282
Koszty energii (1kW w SPEC – 0,13zł) 7178 zł 787,54 zł 1 986,66 zł
Oszczędności w % 33,8 % 40,4 % 35,4 %
Oszczędności roczne 242,37 zł 318,17 zł 703,28 zł
Wartość KNX (1 EUR=4zł) 932 zł 1180 zł 1412 zł
Okres amortyzacja statycznej 3,85 lat 3,71 lat 2,01 lat
Okres amortyzacji dynamicznej
(stopa dyskontowa = 5%)
4,26 lat 4,16 lat 2,14 lat

To convince you even more that an intelligent system is a good investment, we have placed on this site an authentic energy bill showing almost 50% savings on energy!

Detailed calculations of investment costs refund period in office buildings (220 KB, now only in Polish).

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