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The SMARTech Group includes tens companies. They provide complex services nationwide. The head office of the Group is situated in a new office building in downtown Warsaw. The building, as well as our office, is of course intelligent. We have installed much office automation equipment there. We invite You to become familiar with them, how they function in practice, so that that the choice of a perfect solution… Czytaj dalej – SMARTech – Contact us

Cooperation with students

Could you send me more information and helpful materials so I could use them when writing my paper? Daily we receive a few letters that include this question… We, however, cannot send out materials to each person individually. That is why the sites and are full of articles. If you have found them interesting, and you would like to include the information found in them to… Czytaj dalej – Cooperation with students

Cooperation with electrical engineers

Dear readers, the cabling you usually install nowadays generally serves as energy supply for traditional appliances. They work independently and separately from each other. This does not always meet the growing demands of contemporary users. They ask more and more often about ways to control many appliances together from different parts of a given building. Quickly developing technology offers new uses and solutions. Modern systems allow for appliance… Czytaj dalej – Cooperation with electrical engineers

Cooperation with architects

Dear readers, The buildings you create surely have good architectural designs, an interesting arrangement and care for well-being of the future users, are they, however, as useful on a day-to-day basis when everything changes rapidly, or on special occasions? do they have low maintenance costs and provide safety of the owners and inhabitants? do the interiors look as attractive after dark? If you are not sure – please… Czytaj dalej – Cooperation with architects

SMARTech in the press

Lipiec 2007 Budujemy Dom – Wysokie IQMariusz SzepietowskiW ostatniej części porównania systemów Inteligentnego Domu opisujemy systemy najwyższej klasy: LUTRON, LONWORKS, CRESTRON i KNX. Wyposażone są w najnowocześniejsze funkcje, które zwykle po kilku latach stają się standardem również w prostszych systemach.Artykuł znajduje się tutaj   Czerwiec 2007 Budujemy Dom – Wyższy stopień zaawansowaniaMariusz SzepietowskiW poprzednim numerze BD przedstawiliśmy najnowsze systemy Inteligentnego Domu „konkurencyjne” właściwie tylko dla instalacji tradycyjnej. W… Czytaj dalej – SMARTech in the press


News from our offer and about the site. There is a lot of new equipment, so we shall only describe it briefly and not present every detail in particular. We are the first distributor of many of the items mentioned below, and exclusive distributor for Poland of some of them. We invite you to take a look and choose what is best for your home. 02.05.2006 KNX evolution… Czytaj dalej – News

Why should I choose SMARTech?

In our work and all information we provide, we try to be as honest and objective as possible. Therefore, we honestly inform, that on this page we will present subjectively (but still honestly) our achievements, which we are immodestly proud of. We offer solutions adapted to the needs of particular customers. SMARTech does not just offer equipment. We offer solutions to the problems and expectations of our customers.… Czytaj dalej – Why should I choose SMARTech?

SMARTech – presentation of the Company and its offer

SMARTech – presentation of the Company and its offer Our mission is to deliver the best quality services in the area of future technologies. They should surpass our customers’ expectations and fulfil their needs. We emphasise efficiency and reliability. On time, without failure, competitively priced. SMARTech – Inteligentny Dom (Intelligent Home) was established on January 23rd, 1998. The company was the first in Poland to offer home automation… Czytaj dalej – SMARTech – presentation of the Company and its offer

Equipment and application examples

Below you will find photos of external appliances visible throughout the building (control consoles, panels, sensors), as well as descriptions of interesting additional uses or features. The equipment is hidden in control cabinets. One console may control many different appliances or groups of appliances. A smaller number of such devices means aesthetics in a large room. The equipment is available in various colour options. Here are examples of… Czytaj dalej – Equipment and application examples

System comparison

System KNX Instabus The KNX (Konnex) (old name – EIB – European Installation Bus) is a system existing since 1990, devised cooperatively by leading European home appliance and equipment manufacturers. It is a completely new system for connection, control, signalling and administration of electronics. Currently, over 100 companies manufacture products that comprise the KNX palette. In Poland, SMARTech, among others, implements this system. It means, for the user,… Czytaj dalej – System comparison

SMARTech system development stages

Stage 1 – the project The project of a SMARTech system consists of: floor plans with all electrics and cabling marked (lighting, outlets, blinds, consoles, etc.), a description for the electricians laying the cabling, a description of the implemented system to control the lighting, heating/air conditioning, floor/staircase/gully/driveway heating, a description of the gate control scheme, a description of the integration scheme with the alarm system, phone and audio/video… Czytaj dalej – SMARTech system development stages

Our projects

0. Curiosities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ A description of an example System ] 1. Apartment 80m2 – Warszawa, 1999-04-06. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ Description ] 2. SMARTech Office 80m2… Czytaj dalej – Our projects

Central and remote control

Remote control and remote system updates All electric equipment can be controlled locally from the room the equipment is in, as well as remotely. The user can control every element separately or merge them into groups, from any place in the building or remotely via the phone or Internet. Via the phone (or text messages) one can monitor and control the system functions from any place. One can… Czytaj dalej – Central and remote control

Control of home appliances

The vision of future houses equipped with programmable cookers, washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers that can be controlled from any place and at any time, is being turned into reality by the SMARTech system. Bosch and Siemens manufacture home appliances compatible with the KNX bus. This is state-of-the-art, modern equipment. These appliances can i. e. contact the service by themselves when they register a malfunction. Electric cookers. Thanks… Czytaj dalej – Control of home appliances

Audio/Video control

Audio/Video control Integration with the multiroom systemThe SMARTech system allows for integration with the home audio/video system and the multiroom system (multiroom amplification). The reason is comfort of the inhabitants, who can independently listen to their favourite music in their rooms, all coming from one set. This allows for full flexibility when choosing a sound source in any room, as well as elegance – only loudspeakers (e. g.… Czytaj dalej – Audio/Video control

Integration with computers, the Internet, the entry phone, the telephone…

An intelligent building is not only a control system, but also an appropriate way of designing the ‚media’ cabling – the TV, telephone and data cabling. The integration of all logical networks in the house raises its value and comfort, combines luxury and security, enabling you to utilise better appliances such as the phone the TV, computers and cameras. All installations take the form of a star with… Czytaj dalej – Integration with computers, the Internet, the entry phone, the telephone…

Blind and shutter control

The SMARTech intelligent system allows much more efficient use of roller blind, jalousie, window, garage door and gate control. Central and remote control, as well as the possibility of pre-programming the system, provide comfort and safety. When everyone has left the house, external blinds close, curtains in the rooms go up to avoid excessive dust collection, temperature is reduced, the ventilation goes to minimum power. The user will… Czytaj dalej – Blind and shutter control

Temperature control

Use of the SMARTech System helps to optimally utilise the heating installation, which greatly increases the savings. The energy costs remain low, and at the same time the energy is distributed in such a way that the house feels comfortable. Intelligent control allows every room to have a different temperature (one usually requires different conditions in the living room, bedroom or childrens’ room), regardless of the weather conditions… Czytaj dalej – Temperature control

Lightning control

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the house. Nowadays, we spend the most time at home in the evenings. Therefore, lighting that suits the atmosphere and situation is a very important source of our satisfaction. If there is more than one entrance to a room and/or many light sources, conventional electrics can become very complicated. In case of intelligent control this is not a problem.… Czytaj dalej – Lightning control


The SMARTech system allows for integration of important security measures. Not only the alarm system, but also smoke detectors, humidity sensors and other equipment may be integrated with the home electrics. Signals sent by them, input into the system, will allow the house to be protected from damage and to reduce the effects of random accidents. Integration with the security system makes possible, among other things, automatic turning… Czytaj dalej – Safety

Economical aspects

What are the savings generated by an SMARTech system? One of the most important criteria one considers when investing money is, apart from functionality, the profitability. Investors usually care only about the building budget, forgetting any future working costs. In the case of an Intelligent Home System, it is worth it to integrate the lighting control with the heating control. This requires only small additional costs.   Operating… Czytaj dalej – Economical aspects


You come home after a carefree holiday. It’s a warm summer evening. In the garden you take off your shoes. Barefoot, you step onto the soft, slightly damp grass that had just been sprayed with the automatic sprinkler system. You relish the moment breathing the fresh air. One thing is certain. You have to slowly start getting back to the real world. It isn’t easy. The last thing… Czytaj dalej – Comfort

System calculator

We could have placed here a sample system price calculation for a ‚typical house’. But would it help You determine the price of a system for your home? Rather not. We have therefore put together the flexible tool you see below, which adapts itself to you, and not the other way around. Such are our systems – please remember this while analysing our offer.       My… Czytaj dalej – System calculator

How much does SMARTech system cost?

1. How much does an intelligent home system cost?With over six years of experience in construction of Intelligent Home Systems we have done a value analysis of systems and services usually purchased by polish investors. Finally we can define an average cost level. It depends on the amount of living space and what the customer requires (prices below excluding VAT): 50-65 EUR/m2 – the basic variant (lighting control)… Czytaj dalej – How much does SMARTech system cost?

Frequently asked questions

Why should I invest in SMARTech System? SMARTech systems use the official European installation standard – KNX. This standard replaces conventional electrics and will soon be a standard in modern homes and buildings. KNX devices are manufactured by big European companies like ABB, BERKER, BOSCH, GIRA, HAGER, JUNG, MERTEN, MOELLER and SIEMENS. A house equipped with an intelligent installation is more comfortable, secure, economical, and has a greater… Czytaj dalej – Frequently asked questions

My intelligent home…

Although the first news about intelligent systems like this have intrigued me, I have treated them as a kind of a ‚toy’. I was sceptical, have nonetheless started thinking about what I would want, and have finally reached a decision. Such a system makes sense. I am, after all, building a house, in which I am going to live longer than 2-3 years. It is worth taking care… Czytaj dalej – My intelligent home…


When you enter your house, pleasant lighting comes on, the roller blinds and curtains go up. The system selects your favourite music, movie, or TV channel. You don’t need to nervously set the light level in the living room, surprised by guests – just press a button to change the scene (the feel) e. g. ‚a party’ or ‚guest visit’. When you leave your house, after you’ve turned… Czytaj dalej – Introduction